Kramer vs Kramer

How will the relationship between Britain and the European Union map out over the next year? We have a shotgun marriage between a panicking minority and a Eurosceptic partner that uses bureaucratic 'reviews' to hide their view. Yet that review, conducted outside media attention and in a light of increasing disillusionment with Europe, hastens the move to disengagement and Brixit.

The article in Euractiv takes note of this review and maps out how this will be undertaken in 2013. The author then betrays their bias. Labour and the Liberal Democrats will use the review to set up an "informed debate" on the EU. You see, if we were reasonable people, who sat down and discussed the issue, we would naturally be grateful that wiser heads than our own were taking decisions on our behalf. We don't want to be troubled by all of these problems; let the technocrats take the time. Those of us unable to come to this conclusion are probably distracted by prejudice and tradition. We are not to be trusted with such matters. Scepticism of Europe is a sign of eccentricity; the reserve of lunatics and fruitcakes.

The debate is not limited by these parameters. Eurorealism is decided within these democratic concerns about power, checks, balances and integration. Britain is already on the margins, our influence diminished. We are very unlikely to cede further powers; we are very likely to vote for our removal.

What do we bring to the table? Pain. What would they prefer? Compliance...and their own attempt at integration has a half-life; perhaps it will end well, but most likely it will be a disaster. As the worst ideological experiments always have been.