Well Mr Blunkett?

Last year, right before I left Maine to return to London, I managed to convince my mother to buy herself a 4x4 for the winter. After much car testing (which was painful for me as you know doubt realise), we decided on a used ML350.

My mother managed to get through the entire winter without so much as a bump into a snow-bank.

So, you can how annoying it is that she was rear-ended yesterday in the dry on a clear day. To the ML’s credit, she is fine and barely felt the bump.

For managing to get themselves into third place in last night’s local elections. They have had the worst result for a ruling party ever.

UKIP took a seat in Hull. It will be interesting to see how they do in the Euro-elections (results) on Sunday.

The Tories managed to take back Tamworth, Easterbourne, and Worthing.